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S+B UK Laboratory Furniture Systems and Fume Cupboards
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S+B UK Spacesaver Working Wall
S+B UK Spacesaver Working Wall

The Spacesaver Working Wall - A practical furniture storage solution, creating a stylish and space-efficient educational and working environment.

Stylish and Innovative storage furniture 

The S+B Spacesaver Working Wall has been developed specifically for a wide range of environments, from educational to laboratories, technology areas and many more. 

To demonstrate our design team have created 5 example renderings to show several possible uses. The Spacesaver Wall can be assembled in endless configurations such as a teaching wall with whiteboards for school and university, or as a space efficient resource base for any work or research environment.

Versatile Storage Options 

The Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon walls shown are examples of what can be accomplished, however the Space Saver Working Wall can be used in many configurations. Our design team will work with you, from initial consultation of designs, including CAD and 3D drawings allowing you to view the working wall configuration before manufacture. 

Functional space-efficient storage 

The Spacesaver range of free standing tall storage modules includes shelving, tray units and baskets (both of which can be autoclaved), drawer packs, laptop charger/storage units, filing cabinets, display cabinets, waste cabinets, and pull out storage units. All of which can be configured in countless ways to satisfy specific client needs. 

Take advantage of space at higher levels which would otherwise have been wasted and unused. We can provide a safety ladder hooked on the full width rail, with side grab rails, allowing for easy and safe access to the top of higher assemblies.