Harper's Bazaar

Tam Minh realised Haute Couture Lighting at the Jaguar Land Rover's Showroom.

Harper's Bazaar Lifestyle July 2024 


Issue 173, May 2024


Form and function

42. Best portable light

W241 Faro lamp by Wästberg, Sweden


«Every time the door of one of these lives I have portrayed was opened, over these months, I searched for a Sunday, 40 years ago, for the wonder of that particular light I experienced when I was 6 years old, in a totally new house, with the scent of fresh paint to welcome us, and the sounds arriving from upstairs. It was the light I imagined crossing the life of the people who lived up there».


 «We met some truly special people, who very patiently opened their spaces to us, where Foscarini enters on tiptoe. In this project, what changes is the vantage point: the choice of the angle from which to shoot the scene, which as Antonioni taught us is a moral choice, which speaks of where you stand, how you see the world. In this project, the product is no longer the central focus, because people are at the centre. A change of perspective, a statement of principle. People make the choices, and we want to be part of their emotional panorama, their domestic panorama»..

Tsinandali Georgia

Ingo Maurer and Team.