World Class Architectural Lighting

Tam Minh offer premium lighting silutions..

XAL PABLO - Known for his expressive colours

XAL JANE @ Waterdrop Headquarters

XAL SPIO - Hidden talent

ewo Chameleon

ONE A STORM MEDIUM LONG 25 in a single-family house designed by DAVID CHIPPERFIELD and ROBERT STEPHAN in Munich.

ewo lighting for Ritz Carlton Resort and Patina Resort

XAL MOVE IT 10 SYSTEM - Elegance on track

Piece of Art for Your Spaces

Timeless designer lighting fixtures

Foscarini Soffio

Wästberg Holocene No. 5: David Chipperfield

Foscarini Caboche


Wever & Ducré REVER DINING

Flos Luce Orizzontale

Ingo Maurer My New Flame

Moooi Meshmatic

Foscarini Nile

Foscarini Tobia

Wästberg Holocene No. 4: John Pawson

Ingo Maurer Porca Miseria!

Wästberg w202 Halo

Ingo Maurer Birdie's Nest

Wever & Ducré DRO

Foscarini Lumiere

Foscarini Uptown

Foscarini Spokes

Flos Coordinates

Moooi Meshmatic

Wästberg w102 Chipperfield

Flos Bilboquet

Ingo Maurer MOODMOON

Flos Bon Jour Versailles

Flos Céramique

Wever & Ducré COSTA

ONE A X-tendable

Wästberg Holocene No. 2: David Chipperfield

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