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S+B UK Laboratory Furniture Systems and Fume Cupboards
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S+B UK Spacesaver Working Wall
S+B UK Spacesaver Working Wall

The Spacesaver Working Wall - A practical furniture storage solution, creating a stylish and space-efficient educational and working environment.

Stylish and Innovative storage furniture 

The S+B Spacesaver Working Wall has been developed specifically for a wide range of environments, from educational to laboratories, technology areas and many more. 

To demonstrate our design team have created 5 example renderings to show several possible uses. The Spacesaver Wall can be assembled in endless configurations such as a teaching wall with whiteboards for school and university, or as a space efficient resource base for any work or research environment.

Versatile Storage Options 

The Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon walls shown are examples of what can be accomplished, however the Space Saver Working Wall can be used in many configurations. Our design team will work with you, from initial consultation of designs, including CAD and 3D drawings allowing you to view the working wall configuration before manufacture. 

Functional space-efficient storage 

The Spacesaver range of free standing tall storage modules includes shelving, tray units and baskets (both of which can be autoclaved), drawer packs, laptop charger/storage units, filing cabinets, display cabinets, waste cabinets, and pull out storage units. All of which can be configured in countless ways to satisfy specific client needs. 

Take advantage of space at higher levels which would otherwise have been wasted and unused. We can provide a safety ladder hooked on the full width rail, with side grab rails, allowing for easy and safe access to the top of higher assemblies.

Furniture for Learning
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S+B UK STEM Furniture STEMline
S+B UK STEM Furniture STEMline

The Stemline System is a new multi-use learning environment. It provides a contemporary and stimulating learning environment to integrate STEM skills across the curriculum. 

Creating a flexible learning environment 

Stemline combines fully serviced fitted benching required for science, smart contemporary semi or un-serviced mobile workstations for IT, design and academic study, with the heavy duty build quality essential for Technology and Engineering. 

The Stemline environment can be created by a mix and match of different options. Serviced perimeter benching and fume cupboards can facilitate biology and chemistry, teaching walls can double up as resource bases and focal points for discussion and full class address. Moveable workstations can be reconfigured to facilitate different student groups working on different project elements at the same time but within the same space and the clean but heavy duty semi serviced workstations are equally suited to design, planning, evaluation and work with machine tools and resistant materials. 

The Stemline multi-use learning space combines a laboratory, design studio, a maths classroom with a clean, contemporary technology and engineering workshop. 

Some of the Stemline workstations include features for specific applications such as the cable management tray and brush seal feature on the IT workstations, but all are designed to be multi-use. For example, the IT workstation is sized and has the load bearing capability to deal with the weight and vibration caused by and to be used with machine tools. Realisation workstations can be supplied flat or with a surface infill to create a flat multi-use area.

Meeting the need for STEM skills: 

Demand for STEM skills is strong across the economy and is set to grow in the coming years. STEM study will continue to unlock an array of opportunities for young people at every skill level. 

Among those organisations that need employees with STEM skills and knowledge, employers of every size struggle to find the STEM talent they require: 

  • 42% of those firms needing STEM skills report they have difficulty in recruiting STEM-skilled staff at some level 
  • 23% currently face difficulties in meeting their need for experienced staff with expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • 17% report problems in finding suitable graduates 
  • 13% say it is hard to find people with STEM skills to train as apprentices 
  • 45% anticipate difficulties over the next three years 

Studying science and mathematics unlocks a range of employment opportunities for young people across the economy. Success in promoting science and mathematics to your people depends on high-quality teaching delivered by subject specialists.

S+B UK Stools Leaflet
S+B UK Stools Leaflet

The S+B Seating Range

S+B is one of the UK’s leading specialists in design, manufacture and installation of innovative furniture systems for laboratory and educational environments. 

To complement our furniture systems we would like to introduce you to our range of ergonomic stools and chairs with features to ensure your health and safety seating needs are properly met.

Good ergonomic seating can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints, encouraging movement, variety and flexibility.

S+B UK Design Technology Furniture Systems
S+B UK Design Technology Furniture Systems

Multi-use Furniture for the Contemporary Design Technology Environment. Our Design Technology furniture has been designed to withstand the rigours of the technology environment in a school.

Design Technology Range 

Each unit has been designed with a specific application in mind, but all have been designed to facilitate the diverse range of activities which will be encountered in the 21st century Technology environment. The S+B range has been developed to update the perception which many students and parents have of Technology and remove the gender bias often associated with the subject. The smart clean lines of the range promotes a more contemporary and relevant image of this exciting subject, but without compromising the durability and robustness demanded for working with resistant materials.

All furniture is available in a range of sizes to suit all needs and can be free-standing or with castors. Design Technology furniture has been developed to be multi-use and heavy duty. The range has a clean modern look to help provide a contemporary view of technology in its widest context. 


The IT workstation for example is constructed in a way that would allow heavy CNC machine tools (which vibrate) to be used and function effectively. The Preparation Table, because of its strength of construction, to be used for realisation as well as its main function. 

S+B Design Technology furniture will withstand a 25 year life in a demanding environment. The robust construction and modern appearance facilitate the objectives of the modern educational technology environment.

Lab Engineering
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S+B UK Exemplaire C-Frame Systems
S+B UK Exemplaire C-Frame Systems

The C Frame System

The Exemplaire C Frame bench assembly system provides worktop support independent of under bench storage cabinetry. The C Frame System has no reliance on floor fixing and it’s unique telescopic floor seal counters uneven floor surfaces. Push under or suspended storage cabinetry can be quickly and easily re-configured to provide our clients with flexibility.

Laboratory interiors with build quality and style

The tough durable C Frame leg support is constructed from 70mm x 40mm x 12swg fully welded steel tube, which in combination with the unique angled fascia rail and rear bracing rail will support a static load of 100kg per square metre of worktop. 

The whole system is finished in an easy to clean and chemically resistant epoxy powder coat with excellent resistance to knocks and wearing. 

The Exemplaire C Frame System combines heavy duty functionality with attractive contemporary styling. The system demonstrates that it is possible to have a product with a functional life span of more than 25 years, but without the old fashioned workshop appearance apparent in other more basic systems. 

The foot incorporates a unique telescopic floor seal to counter uneven floor surfaces and eliminates the dirt trap found under the feet of more basic C Frame systems which use adjustable height feet. 

The system facilitates either push under storage cabinetry or suspended units which can traverse the full bench length free of obstruction and interruption.

Robust laboratory furniture with clean lines showcasing a commitment to the highest standards

A range of heights are available to suit all applications and the most widely used standing height of 950mm will allow refrigerators and other such free standing equipment to slide under easily and to relocate without having to re-configure the fascia rail.

Legs can be arranged to support perimeter benching of differing lengths and depths and fixed back to back to support island and peninsula benches of differing widths.

The Exemplaire C Frame System can be supplied with or without storage cabinetry, which can be added at a later date as applications change or when budget allows.

Push under and suspended storage cabinets include cupboards, drawer packs, sink units, tray units, waste bin units, acid and solvent storage/recovery units.