Laboratory furniture for schools - SpaceStation by S+B UK

Spacestation by S+B UK - educational laboratory furniture The introduction of SpaceStation is the latest affirmation of our ongoing commitment to providing exciting and inspirational science learning spaces. The SpaceStation shape along with the size and configuration options facilitates and promotes collaborative group learning but is not in any way restrictive of a teacher wishing to have all students faced in one direction for whole class address and demonstration. SpaceStation eliminates the inflexibility, safety and restrictive circulation issues associated with old fashioned fixed forward facing bench rows. Services provided in the central areas along with generous worktop space per student enables practical group working in the most convenient way with excellent teacher access. This is much safer than confining practical work involving naked flames, chemicals and boiling liquids to perimeter benching where students struggle to work in groups, are facing the wall and have their backs to the teacher. Optional sink covers can be supplied to provide additional uninterrupted work surface when sinks are not in use. A variety of work surface materials are available with the most widely used being Corian, Trespa and Polylab. All are attractive, easy to clean and have levels of heat, impact and chemical resistance appropriate to the daily rigours of the classroom environment for it’s 25 year design life. Corian can be repaired and facilitates the unique and compelling, seamlessly jointed moulded service console (where the other materials are used, gas, water and electrical outlets would be mounted directly onto the worktop).

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