Lab Tour at College of Engineering and Computer Science

With an inspiring learning environment, equipped with modern facilities and equipment - from hundreds of adjustable high-definition computers to universal strength testers, handheld laser devices, 3D printers, die casting machines, etc., the Super Lab and 24/7 Lab are the top 2 destinations for science-lovers from the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The labs are designed to maximize student-to-student and lecturer-to-student interactions. This is also where students come up with innovative ideas and new research projects in science, engineering, and technology. LET’S DISCOVER VINUNI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE’S LABS AND FIND OUT WHY THEY ARE CALLED “SUPER LAB”! __________ 🔹The VinUni College of Engineering and Computer Science currently offers three programs: the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. 🔹Register here to receive tailored advice on specific programs at VinUni, visit the school, and experience our labs: “At VinUni, we don't do AVERAGE, we do AWESOME. Join VinUni to do great things together!” #Labtour #CECS #VinUniversity -------------------- Connect with Us! - Website: - Facebook: - Instagram: - TikTok: - LinkedIn:

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