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Installing a Home Elevator has never been this Easy or Eco-Friendly! As the sole manufacturer of Air-Driven Residential Elevators worldwide, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators is a USA Based Residential Elevator Manufacturer that for 18 years has continued to revolutionize how people and goods are transported vertically within their homes. Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, Vacuum Elevators are self-supporting, plug & play residential elevators that do not require any pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room to operate. These innovative home elevators simply rest on the existing ground floor offering infinite design possibilities within the home. Available in 3 models ranging from a single-passenger to a three-passenger wheelchair-accessible model, Vacuum Elevators are fully certified in all 50 states within the USA and have been successfully installed in 90+ countries globally. With a number of new features and upgrades available, including a Solar Panel Package and a Smart Home Integration feature, Home Elevators have never been smarter nor more eco-friendly than a Vacuum Elevator. Learn More Online: https://www.vacuumelevators.com/ Smart Home Devices Shown in Video: - Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) - Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) Music: https://www.bensound.com Royalty Free Music Provided by: Ben Sound

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