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Shopping For an Easy-to-Install, Space-Saving Home Elevator? As the sole manufacturer of Air-Driven Residential Elevators worldwide, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators is a USA Based Home Elevator Manufacturer that for 18+ years has continued to revolutionize how people and goods are transported vertically within their homes. Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, Vacuum Elevators are self-supporting, plug & play residential elevators that do not require any pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room to operate. These innovative home elevators simply rest on the existing ground floor offering infinite design possibilities within the home. Whether placing the machinery directly above the unit or remotely locating it, this video showcases the latest upgrades available for the PVE Elevator machinery. With 3 machinery upgrade options available, homeowners can choose a machinery solution to fit their comfort and needs. Fully certified in all 50 states within the USA with successfully installed in 90+ countries globally, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators continues to revolutionize how people and goods are transported vertically inside their homes. Learn More about installing a PVE Home Elevator Today! https://www.pvelift.vn/ info@tamminh.net Hotline: 18006597 Add 1: 107A13, Nguyễn Quý Đức, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội. Add 2: No 47, Đường 52, Tân Quy Đông,Tân Phong, Q7,TP HCM. Add 3: Ecopark, AquaBay,Thuy Nguyen, THU205A.

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