WEVER & DUCRÉ - Design with love: EMMA - The Sleep Company

Work and regeneration – where can this cycle be better illustrated than at a mattress manufacturer's office? The employees of internationally leading Emma – The Sleep Company are dedicated to good sleep. Their offices cover three floors and 4,500 m². The architectural firm VRAI was commissioned to create an attractive and varied workplace at Emma’s headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. We turn night into day, in the best possible sense – and that should be immediately clear to visitors. In the "Emmis" office, recreation has the importance suggested by their products. Classic office spaces alternate with retreat zones for focussed individual work; open spaces promote exchange, and so-called Nap Stations are an invitation to recharge empty batteries horizontally. Here, a great night's rest is no sweet dream, but a well-tested promise. Find out more about the project on https://www.weverducre.com/en/projects/pr/lighting-project-emma-the-sleep-company~49281

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