WEVER & DUCRÉ - Design with love: B&B De Koolputten

A place steeped in history gets a new face Times change – valuable things therefore need to be preserved. This is also the case with De Koolputten ("The Coal Mine"), which used to be a family coal business in Waasland, East Flanders. 100 years ago this used to be a trading port and the economic centre of the region. Now, the historic site is home to a leisure and business hot spot - as diverse as it is sophisticated. Today, guests will find a gourmet restaurant, a bed & breakfast, an event hall and an art gallery there on the banks of the Durme. After the former factory building underwent a complete makeover just a few years after it fell into a state of dilapidation, the spaces between the renovated walls are now the perfect place to enjoy sophisticated dining. Find out more about the project on https://www.weverducre.com/en/projects/pr/lighting-project-b-b-de-koolputten~11774?projectCategory=11738

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