WEVER & DUCRÉ - Design with love: MIRRO

13&9 Design's focus is on people, which is why the designers are always determined to create a meaningful connection between a product and its user. As for MIRRO, a luminaire designed in collaboration with designer Sabrina Stadlober, this was achieved by incorporating a reflecting metallic surface element that resembles a mirror and creates a dynamic relationship between user, luminaire and light. Shaped by influences from art, fashion and architecture, MIRRO is an epitome of 13&9 Design’s transdisciplinary work and user-focussed philosophy. The shimmering and circular luminaire that will bath any room in warm and welcoming light is available as a wall, ceiling, hanging, table and floor version. Find out more about MIRRO on https://www.weverducre.com/en/products/collections/mirro-collection

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