Apartment Renovation in Copenhagen with ONE A lighting

ONE A Storm System Medium Long 25 in Silver shines through a newly created space in an 1890s building
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Apartment Renovation in Copenhagen with ONE A lighting
Taylor Nguyen
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In Vester Voldgade, downtown Copenhagen, you will find this renovated top-floor apartment in an 1890s building.

Before its meeting with David Thulstrup, the apartment appeared with low ceilings, and limited natural light.

Throughout the process David Thulstrup focused on creating space both vertically and horizontally, and by lifting the ceilings with a new roof structure, a new flow for natural light appeared.

A commitment to use only quality materials shines through within the entire project and every little detail.

David Thulstrup used ONE A Storm Medium Long 25 colourway Silver. The spotlight is perfect for adding a direct light, highlighting work areas or sculptures.

Storm Medium Long 25 is a part of the STORM SYSTEM®, the system secures a flush installation in all surfaces. An installation which brings a calming effect to the ceiling and the general space was a very important topic for David Thulstrup.


Architect & Project: Studio David Thulstrup

Photo: Irina Boersma 

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The Danish design company ONE A innovates and produces architectural lighting and smart-technology products with a minimalistic expression to create visual harmony in any living environment. The phenomenon STORM SYSTEM® is a design solution embracing both light and smart-home technology in a uniform system made only from the finest materials. ONE A becomes the preferred solution for many award- winning architects, designers, and engineers.


 Storm Medium Long 25


I seek simplicity in everything I create, including each shape, volume, fixture, and solution. That’s why I find myself drawn to ONE A over and over again when choosing lighting options. The Storm System, in particular, convinces with its pared-back design and seamless integration.

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