Villa Mayfair

A private Villa in Barcelona, featuring XAL, Wever & Ducré and Wästberg
August 16, 2022 by
Villa Mayfair
Manh Lang
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XAL, Wever & Ducré and Wästberg join forces to offer a full package of lighting for a private residential project in Barcelona, Spain. The provision includes both architectural lighting and decorative lighting.



One of the best manufacturers in the lighting world. XAL creates tailor made best-of-the-kind lighting solutions

The brand has some unique lighting products such as the renown UNICO or the trend setter MOVE IT system, at the same time it offers a wide range of choices for most lighting problems designers encounter for interior spaces.

Wever & Ducré

All rounder lighting brand from Belgium. 

Wever & Ducré offers a broad range of architectural lighting choices with the bold use of colours, materials and finishes. It works with different designers to develop wide variety of design lighting.


Founded in 2008 by Magnus Wästberg in Helsingborg, Sweden. Throughout the years, Wästberg has established long-lasting collaborations with leading architects and designers such as Ilse Crawford, David Chipperfield, Claesson Koivisto Rune, and Dirk Winkel.

Our products are developed in Sweden and can be found in offices, homes, hotels, and museums all over the world, earning us international acclaim and over 50 prestigious design awards.

Villa Mayfair
Manh Lang August 16, 2022
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