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Luxury Homes

Finest design solutions and systems for your living spaces.

Decorative Lighting

With a collection of selective international brands of designer lighting, creating emotion and intimacy for the homes.

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Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighitng design and implementation for luxury living spaces.

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Home Elevator

Revolutional way of vertical transportation in resiedential environment.

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Educational Institutions

Premium specialised and sustainability solutions tailored for educational insititutions different learning and research activities.

Brighton College Vietnam

STEM and Science Lab Furniture System, Designed and manufactured by S+B UK.

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Concordia International School Hanoi

Specialized Solutions for Educational Environment.

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Fulbright University Vietnam

State-of-the-art facility for wordclass learning and research institutions.

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Shopping is an emotional event. For years, stores around the world have been evolving to offer customers experiences beyond just the products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel, the higher their willingness to buy. Light decides whether customers complete a purchase.

Porsche Center Saigon

State-of-the-art lighting instrument for the new "Destination Porsche" venue in Ho Chi Minh City. Porsche has an extremely high expectation of what technically possible in every aspect of illiminating the spaces and the vehichles.

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Land Rover Hanoi

World class lighting to eleviate the space and allow customers and visitors to have truely luxury expererience. The project marks a pivotal change in the Jaguar Land Rover's global brand strategy, pivoting into Modern Luxury. 

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Chanel FBP Boutique Hanoi

Chanel has made a strong statement in the brand commitment in Hanoi by opening the first Fragrance & Beatuty Product boutique in the Capital City. This follows the other two already in operations in Ho Chi Minh City. XAL Lighting adds to the specialty of the shop emotion and product display.

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