MAESTRIE | The curtain rises: the factoy of Twiggy, Mite and Tress

FAPS is a company that was already focusing on composite materials at the end of the 1980s, an absolute novelty at the time. After having fully thought out the use of these innovations, the firm decided to invest in the production of fishing rods for sportsmen: poles with a length of about 15 metres, of remarkable strenght and lightness. The production of finishing rods, together with other subcontracted items in carbon fibre, represented the fundamental activity of this start-up for years. At the end of 1990's the opportunity arose to also use composite materials in the field of furnishings. The potential of fiberglass and carbon fibre was no loger restricted to a particular kind of technical performance, but could also be applied to different situations, last but not least to the developmentof a innovative image. This was how the collaboration with Foscarini and Marc Sadler began. Sadler himself admits that major "unreasonable leaps" are needed to discover the potentialities of materials and technologies. To achieve success passion and obstinacy are both musts. Foscarini brings to life design and light ideas, the result of a freedom in research, expression and development, without any manufacturing constraints. Indeed, since it was established, Foscarini has been a company without a factory, one that is therefore free to explore materials and manufacturing techniques suited to develop every new idea, relying on the locally-sourced craft-based excellence. Maestrie is the story of a previously hidden dimension that sheds light on the skill and craftsmanship that go into the making of some of Foscarini’s icons. Discover more

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