MAESTRIE | The curtain rises: the Blown Glass Factory

The experience gathered in fifty years of on-going work with leading italian design companies has made Moretti a favourite counterpart for the most demanding designers. Vetrofond's contribution does not only involve product development. The efforts of recent years to improve the company's entire organisation make it an example of economic rationalism to limit costs and guarantee prompt delivery. The know-how of Vetrofond is organized and structured to make the firm competitive with otherforms of workmanship of a more strictly industrial character. The continuous drive to improve and the focus on optimizing margins at this glasswork are truly impressive. Thanks to these efforts in terms of organisation and technology, today it is possible to create magical products at affordable prices. A lesson that should bring a sense of prime to the entire design production chain. Foscarini brings to life design and light ideas, the result of a freedom in research, expression and development, without any manufacturing constraints. Indeed, since it was established, Foscarini has been a company without a factory, one that is therefore free to explore materials and manufacturing techniques suited to develop every new idea, relying on the locally-sourced craft-based excellence. Maestrie is the story of a previously hidden dimension that sheds light on the skill and craftsmanship that go into the making of some of Foscarini’s icons. Discover more

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