MAESTRIE | The curtain rises: the Factory of Aplomb

"It cannot be done" is what Crea, the small company in Darfo where Aplomb lamps are now constantly produced, said after having seen the thicknesses suggested by the designers Lucidi e Pevere for the first concrete lamp offered on the market. But the most outlandish technical challenges are the best excuse to discuss things and to test one's reasoning. Watch the video to discover Crea and the birth of Aplomb. Foscarini brings to life design and light ideas, the result of a freedom in research, expression and development, without any manufacturing constraints. Indeed, since it was established, Foscarini has been a company without a factory, one that is therefore free to explore materials and manufacturing techniques suited to develop every new idea, relying on the locally-sourced craft-based excellence. Maestrie is the story of a previously hidden dimension that sheds light on the skill and craftsmanship that go into the making of some of Foscarini’s icons. Discover more

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