Lyon Part-Dieu — a transformative urban lighting project

This project video shows how light can impact our nightlife by turning public spaces into our urban lounge. Bespoke, multifunctional luminaires create a welcoming environment for travellers and local residents while also serving as urban furniture. ewoIndividual Project Manager Philippe Paupart, lighting designer Vincent Thiesson and ewo France Directing Manager Florent Pigot will guide you through this transformative project at Place de Francfort, in Lyon Part-Dieu. Initiated in 2017 and completed in 2019, numerous talented contributors enabled great designs for this square, with a specific focus on modularity, to help people feel comfortable in this busy outdoor space. The regeneration project transformed the old bus station and the parking lot into a pleasant pedestrian area. Visit for more insights on our lighting projects. Video by Domenico Palma Sound by Ebner Musik #masteringlight #urbanlounge #lightingdesign #easyground #empoweringwellbeingoutdoors

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