ewoLightLayers – Mastering the Shape of Light with optical accessories

ewo has launched clip-on optical accessories bringing huge benefit for accuracy of optical illumination, outdoor luminaire aesthetics and reduction of light pollution. Additionally to the industry-leading accuracy of ewo A–Series lenses and the high visual comfort of ewoLightTile (T–Series), these accessories are available across a wide range of luminaires in ewo's range, for the best achievable outdoor illumination. Accessories include: - An Aesthetic Lens Cover for a clean look, removing the appearance of screws and cables - A Backlight Shield for reduction of Backlight by up to 65 per cent - An Anti-Glare Grid for reduction of glare and visual comfort for passers-by. Accessories for floodlights are also available, with details on ewo.com. #MasteringLight #LightPollution #EmpoweringWellbeingOutdoors #OutdoorIllumination #LightingDesign #DesignLight #LuminaireBacklight #Floodlighting #darksky

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