Bespoke Laboratory Furniture System for Brighton College Hanoi's STEM Classrooms

S+B UK science labs for a prestige international school in Hanoi
October 24, 2023 by
Bespoke Laboratory Furniture System for Brighton College Hanoi's STEM Classrooms
Son Dau
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The UK's "Top School in Britain for STEM subjects" and "the UK school of the Decade" has inaugurated it's first branch in Vietnam in Hanoi.

Tam Minh and S+B UK have the privilege to take part in the journey of building the science classrooms for the school, from scratch. 

Design and Manufacturing of Lab Furntiure

​​​​​​​S​+​B​ ​U​K​​

Brighton College has got a clear idea of how the science lab layout would look like with its recognisable island benches in its signature black tone. 

S+B UK has stepped in the help with designing the benches with tooless removable access panels and robust structure, allowing a catilever worktop with no obstruction throughout the full length knee spaces. Thoughtful planning of wall storage, incorporation of tray systems and underbench cabinets are key feature for a future proof educational and uses.

The classroom furniture comes with best in class water taps, gas taps from Broen and futuristic electric sockets. The labs are also equiped with heat-resistant expoxy sinks and Broen eye-wash showeres. 

Tam Minh has again shown its commitment in delivering the world class educational furniture system, on time and in budget.

We are proud that the children and teachers are having fun and stimulated learning experience in the STEM classrooms, that is the best return for our hard work skillful manufacturing, project management and installations. 

Photos by Brighton College Vietnam.

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