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Retail lighting

New shopping experience

Shopping is an emotional event. For years, stores around the world have been evolving to offer customers experiences beyond just the products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel, the higher their willingness to buy. Light decides whether customers complete a purchase. Learn more about perfect staging for different stores and areas as well as concrete project examples and lighting concepts – for unforgettable shopping experiences.

Tam Minh Lighting

We offer a complete package solutions from design to development to implementation of both architectural lighting, interior and exterior, and decorative lighting, for premium spaces: offices, retail, schools, hotels, restaurants, public spaces and private homes. Lighting as we know it.

XAL Standing Luminaires
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Light up your workspace 

Free standing luminaires

Flowing creativity and concentration at work are becoming increasingly important in modern office spaces. Flexible work environments arrange and synergise different work areas as well as retreats and spaces for creative exchange. Each of these diverse areas has its own dynamics. Modern office lighting crafts a balanced work atmosphere between work zones used for focus and those for interpersonal exchange. XAL’s free standing luminaires enable this flexibility with a pleasant indirect light that harmonises with any office concept. Whether individual workspaces, flexible team settings, meet- ing rooms, or areas with and without daylight, XAL’s free standing luminaires adapt optimally to the respective environment thanks to smart sensor tech- nology. The glare reduction provided by special covers and reflectors offers extra comfort. On top of all this, daylight curves and cut-off times can be scheduled and thereby contribute to long-term energy savings.

Light for healthcare facilities
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Light for recovery 

Light is a significant health factor. In addition to health-promoting aspects in intensive care, lighting enables the creation of an atmosphere that helps patients recover and provides staff with an activating working environment. Read more about the lighting solutions for hospitals, care homes, and medical practices in the comprehensive brochure.

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Designing, installing and commissioning as well as managing of modern lighting systems is anything but trivial. XAL SMART SERVICES supports you in every phase of your lighting project with services tailor-made for you. You can access and leverage the expertise of XAL Smart Services specialists: from infrastructure usage analysis and system design, to control concept creation and selection of appropriate controls; from measurement of grid quality to programming and commissioning; and from installation right through to a full range of maintenance services. This will increase the reliability of your decision making, improve the efficiency of implementation and drastically reduce your project risk. So, come and talk to us.

Acoustic solutions
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The power of silence 

A quiet environment is a core human need. In the workplace, the quality of room acoustics is cited as one of the most important factors for one's well-being. The acoustics of a room impact both productivity and the general quality of togetherness and one's health. Read more about the acoustics solutions for offices, meeting rooms and lobbies.

Wever & Ducré
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Wever & Ducré Press Kit 2023
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We all love the deep blue of the ocean, the first warm rays of sunshine, or the gentle summer breeze brushing through our hair on the beach. That’s why we would like to say thank you this year. For every single moment we’re allowed to experience on our beautiful planet. With all the people we love and all the things that are important to us.

Meggs, our guest artist, has captured this declaration of love for our “local planet” in a wonderful work of art that expresses our connection with nature in bright colours. And makes this year’s stand an experience for all the senses.

So let’s immerse ourselves in a fascinating world of colours, shapes, textures, fragrances, sounds, and flavours that can inspire us in a whole new way. Unusual designs, interesting discussion partners, and many new ideas await you.

Wever & Ducré Colour Code
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Wever & Ducré Colour Code

Wever & Ducré Catalogue 2023
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One thing in advance: Heart flusters and gasping for breath can be quite normal when leafing through our new catalogue. After all, our latest designs are beautiful enough to sweep you off your feet, and with just a few clicks it can be adapted to your heart’s desire. Simply download the videos or configurators onto your device using a QR code and away you go. And if you are seeking an even more harmonious look: Then, with our product families, you can use a single style to let an entire project shine out. How does it work? You can secure a printed copy, or find out in the digital version, right here. 

ewo Project Catalogue 2023
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empowering wellbeing outdoors

We use light to activate public space and transform it into a place where people feel good,” says ewo CEO Hannes Wohlgemuth, summarizing the “empowering wellbeing out- doors” philosophy. ewo’s light generates meaning by con- trasting the harsh reality of the night with a luminous essence that creates community. Light dissolves the darkness of the night. The warm light from the technological campfire of modern lighting creates a meaningful atmosphere. In this way, the feel-good character of public spaces is emphasized, thus “empowering wellbeing outdoors”. Public space at night is transformed from being a symbol of urban loneliness into open space to be freely and safely used by society.

ewo Product Catalogue 2022
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ewo Product Catalogue 2022

ewo ECP - Extreme Corrosion Protection
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Extreme Corrosion Protection 

Four steps to optimise corrosion protection.

1) Corrosion resistant alloy

2) ewo ECP pre-treatment

3) ewoProtectiveLayer ECP

4) High-quality powder coating

Tam Minh Lighting

We offer a complete package solutions from design to development to implementation of both architectural lighting, interior and exterior, and decorative lighting, for premium spaces: offices, retail, schools, hotels, restaurants, public spaces and private homes. Lighting as we know it.