Foscarini Magneto, Tavolo
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Design Giulio Iacchetti, 2011 | Coated steel, ABS and super magnet made of “rare earth”. With personalized packaging. LED included Power LED 5W 2700 K Black cable 170 cm

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Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, whether they’re on or off, they seduce, surprise and inspire.

Foscarini lights are conceived as design objects that transform spaces: we bring beauty, we stir emotions.

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Giulio Iacchetti


A table lamp with an elemental and bold look. The invisible force of a magnet joins the supporting rod to the illuminating body, allowing you to direct the light cast by Magneto at leisure, just like a torch.


General Features
Brand Foscarini
Colours bianco or nero