XAL lighting for the first Chanel FBP Boutique in Hanoi

Customised lighting solulions for the iconic fashion and beauty brand
December 4, 2023 by
XAL lighting for the first Chanel FBP Boutique in Hanoi
Julia Nguyen
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Tam Minh and XAL have delivered the lighting solution for another beautiful luxury retail space in 2023. 

The iconic brand CHANEL has openned the third Fragrance & Beauty Product boutique in Vietnam and the first in Hanoi.



Lighting Designer





Positive Design

XAL's state-of-the-art Wall Washer optics have been chosen to illuminating the decorative wall and the shelf. The high precision reflector is able to deliver a best-in-class uniform distribution. We have been able to offer customised CCT of 3500 K for this luxury retail space.

The Window Display is illuminated by high performing BO 32 spotlights on recessed track. 

The spotlights's capability of rendering the correct vibrant colours of the products and especially the specific beige and gold colours under CHANEL's signature colours.

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