Light has an impact. Light is a vital medium for us human beings. It allows us to see what’s around us. By noticeably improving the surrounding settings and mood, light also has an effect on our well-being. Light is both a source and a medium. And as such, it influences our lives on a number of different levels – not least because it has an impact on our environment, the space we’re in and our immediate experiences. We are able to highlight all attributes of light with ewo luminaires. A process we like to call Mastering Light.

Light changes the quality of space. Light determines the mood of any location. Nature is a prime example of this: On an overcast day our surroundings can appear dull, while the sun can shine with warmth and radiance in the exact same location. And when day turns into night, we bring artificial light to public spaces. That way, we unlock squares, pathways and buildings, turning dark corners into safe havens. At ewo, the wisdom of nature's teachings is translated into moods and scenes through the medium of our luminaires.

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