New lighting for the Hanoi central fine dining venue La Table Hanoia at the Press Club

XAL's premium MOVE IT 25 system to elevate the lighting in the newly furbished exclusive restaurant and lounge.
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New lighting for the Hanoi central fine dining venue La Table Hanoia at the Press Club
Taylor Nguyen
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It is usually a more challenging job to fix the lighting provision in an existing place than to deliver lighting for a brand new project from the beginning. We are glad that we have worked with a world class and dedicated lighting consultant kobi lighting studio to remove the existing lighting, in a very beautiful place, and give it a completely new lighting that it deserves. 

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The fine dining restaurant has been created as a bridge from its root of the building's beginning in 1997 and the more vibrant lifestyle of the contemporary Hanoians and visitors. The Press Club building, located just in adjunction to the Opera House and the Metropole Hanoi, was built to be an exclusive destination for entrepreneurs, businessmen, writers, jounalists and exapatriate to meet and mingle. "La Table Hanoia"--the highend cocktail bar and fine dining restaurant, created in 2021, on the third floor of the building--sought to  preserve the colonial architectural legacy of the historic Hanoi and present the cultural heritage of Vietnamese craft. The core interior elements and furniture are artisian-made, set to blend the past and tradition with the dynamism of contemporary urban lifestyle. 

Beatiful project, smart client and brilliant designer were sometimes not very much lucky with finding good supplier and products, and in this case, lighting. We appreciate that the client and the architect right away has recognised the space did not have the right lighting and determined to invest for a lighting makeover. 

kobi lighting studio is there for the exciting job and has delivered great ideas and thoughtful, sophisticated lighting solutions that elevated the client's and architects' original visions for the space. 

We have offered the award-wining XAL ARY inset in the renown MOVE IT 25 track system. The product has been born to serve the world-best-restaurant Noma 2.0 in Copenhagen, in collaboration with designer David Thulstrup, and since then has been a premium hospitality favourite. ARY, with it minimal form factor, is virtually non invasive and at the same time extremely capable with it light quality and power and sophisticated optics. 


Best choice for fine cuisine venues.

The spotlight, with a variety of suspension options, is highly flexible, especially on the MOVE IT 25 low-voltage magnetic track system, for any restaurant environment.

It offers a wide range of lumen output, with pricision optics and state-of-the-art light spectrum. It creates the right atmosphere and brilliantly lights up the table, the food and the glasses. 

ARY also has its special strength in interacting with the natural light in different time in a day and in different seasons in a year. 

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For the first time, after we have installed the ARYs, the depth of many layers of laccquer paint on the table top surface becomes visible under the new lighting, everyone, the management, the staff, the guests, the designers and we, are so so happy. 

The suspended spotlights ARY are almost invisible, not disrupting the view and the interior. A nice balance is also achieved in daytime, between artificial light and natural light with the feature large-glass-panel front.

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