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1. laboratory engineering Laboratory Furniture & Fume Cupboards Lab Engineering

3. Our furniture systems have been developed by one of Europe’s leading specialist furniture designers to combine ergonomics, durability and function with a modern, clean crisp and attractive appearance. Alternative benching systems combine with a range of worktop materials, including mechanical and electrical servicing levels to satisfy the differing requirements of scientific disciplines ranging from microbiology to metallurgy. • Conventional Fixed Pedestal Range is a highly cost effective system which maximises under bench storage. • Column System supports the worktop independently of worktops by use of cantilever leg frames, which allows storage cupboards to be moved around for cleaning and maintenance. • C Frame System* provides worktop support, allowing free movement of storage units which can be push under or suspended clear of the floor. • Selection can be made from the state of the art Exemplaire System and the highly cost effective Utilaire System. Functionality and ergonomics Exemplaire Column System with Cast Epoxy Worktops Modulaire over bench system with Exemplaire C Frame benching

4. We have specialist worktop fabrication capability and a wide range of different materials with different qualities is available to suit diverse applications. The worktop is the most heavily used component in any laboratory furniture system and selection is an important aspect of any design. We will give careful consideration to user applications and based on that and many years experience, we will provide an honest critique of the advantages and disadvantages of the options available. • Solid Grade Laminate (Trespa Athlon and Toplab) - a flat, stable general application material with good impact resistance. • Solid Surface (Corian and Polylab) - a flat, stable material with seamless jointing capability and particularly suited to clean applications. • Cast Epoxy Resin (Simmons and Durcon) - good chemical resistance and most widely used in fume cupboards. Other materials such as post formed plastic laminate, hard wood ( sourced from FSC approved suppliers), stainless steel, polypropylene and toughened glass are also favoured for some applications. Work surface materials Exemplaire C Frame with Corian Worktops Exemplaire Column System with Cast Epoxy Worktops

2. We design and build technical furniture systems for R&D, Healthcare, Utilities, Food and Beverage, Industry, Universities and Higher Education. Creating a highly functional & contemporary laboratory environment for all scientific disciplines. S+B is one of the UK’s longest established leading specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and associated services. We can supply everything from a single workstation or fume cupboard to a complete suite of laboratories. Our extensive range of design led products will readily meet most laboratory environments, but we are always happy to develop and produce bespoke furniture for specific client requirements. Our Manchester offices, production plant and showrooms are always open to visitors, demonstrations can be arranged and third party reference and site visits can be organised. Design, manufacture and installation Exemplaire C Frame with Toughened Glass Worktops

6. Designed and Manufactured at our factory in Manchester. British made Consultancy At S+B we work with you to provide the ideas, solution and final outcome completely free of charge and obligation. From initial consultation of designs, including CAD and 3D drawings, allowing you to view the solution before manufacture. From a single space to a complete refurbishment, we create design that works. S+B Full Product Range Furniture For Learning As well as our extensive Lab Engineering range of products and services, we also have a very wide range of design led specialist school and college furniture. The experience gained over 40 years servicing all market sectors has given S+B a project management capability which is second to none. S+B specialise in design led development, manufacture and installation of schools furniture systems for Science, Design, Control, Information and Food Technology as well as cross curricula general classroom furniture. Visit our website for more details and alternative designs - www.splusb.co.uk Ecoline Fume Cupboards A range of new generation high performance, low energy fume cupboards designed to be supplied as stand alone or for clients who really want a fully integrated laboratory design. Labtec Street, Swinton Manchester M27 8SE t: +44 (0)161 793 9333 f: +44 (0)161 728 9149 e: sales@splusb.co.uk www.splusb.co.uk laboratory engineering Follow us on twitter: @ SBUKLTD Find us on facebook: S+B UK LTD

5. We work extensively with architects, project managers, M&E consultants, energy consultants, safety advisors, quantity surveyors, main contractors, mechanical contractors and of course end users. The following is a small cross section of the many thousands of lab furniture and fume cupboard users. Food – Food Research Association, Hazlewood Foods, Princess Drinks, Danisco, Cerestar, Nestle, Proctor and Gamble, Boddingtons, RHM. R&D and Pharmaceuticals – Inveresk Research, Astra Zeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline Beecham, Merk Sharp & Dohme, Bristol Myers Squibb, Convatec, Cyntec, ICI, Avecia, Dow Corning, Novartis. Universities – UCL, Imperial College, Oxford , Cambridge, Exeter , Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Bangor UEA, Aston, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Open, Surrey, Manchester , Liverpool, Lancaster, Durham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and indeed most others. Healthcare / Hospitals – MRI, Guys Tower, Park Hospital, London Clinic, Christies, Welsh Blood Transfusion Service, Queens Medical Centre, Sutton Hospital, Institute of Child Health, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Overseas – please visit our web site for details of our network of overseas agent/distributors and for a completed installation list. Our clients Utilaire with Trespa Athlon Worktops. Available in C Frame, H Frame, T Frame, Table Frame and Cantilever. Pedestal System with Trespa Toplab Worktops. The continuous plinth line depicted is an optional extra which should be specified if required. The more widely used standard includes for single colour end, side, corner and knee space panelling to the floor. Please check the quotation detail.


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