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Outdoor Tubular Drinking Solutions Sellsheet

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1. Durable, Quick and Convenient! Outdoor Tubular Drinking Solutions Elkay outdoor units offer attractive, long-lasting durability that withstands the elements. The resilient exterior is constructed from Type 316 stainless steel — standard on all Elkay outdoor tubular units! They are designed for high-traffic areas such as parks, pools, golf courses, and educational and work campuses. Ou td oo r Dr in ki ng Solu ti on s

2. | 2222 Camden Ct., Oak Brook, IL 60523 ©2017 Elkay Manufacturing Company F-4674 Visit elkay.com/outdoor Blue Yellow Orange Red Beige White Gray Black Brown Terracotta Evergreen Purple 12 Stunning Colors Your Choice for Superior Products and Support High-quality material: 316 stainless Quick Fill: 1.0 GPM Freeze Resistance: Sealed Warranty: 5 years* Type 316 Stainless Steel ƒ ƒ Incorporates molybdenum for increased corrosion resistance. ƒ ƒ Is ideal for high-saline environments such as coastal regions and outdoor areas where deicing salts are common. Quick Fill and Laminar Flow ƒ ƒ Quick fill rate is 1.0 GPM. Fills faster than a standard drinking fountain. ƒ ƒ Laminar flow produces a clean fill with minimal splash. Built Tough ƒ ƒ Body constructed of 1/8” thick Type 316 stainless steel. ƒ ƒ Durable, powder-coated exterior provides superior protection from the elements. ƒ ƒ Vandal-resistant push buttons, bubblers and screws. Sealed Freeze Resistance* Our freeze-resistant models feature completely enclosed and sealed valves to keep water safe from contamination. *Available on select models *Effective for tubular products sold after April 3, 2017


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