Foscarini Aplomb GU10, Sospensione

Design Lucidi e Pevere, 2010 | Hand pouring concrete and alluminium. Light bulbs not included Max 1x8W PAR 16

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    • Foscarini
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Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, whether they’re on or off, they seduce, surprise and inspire.

Foscarini lights are conceived as design objects that transform spaces: we bring beauty, we stir emotions.

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Lucidi, Pevere

Foscarini Aplomb

A special, exclusively formulated concrete plays the starring role in the Aplomb lamps, a model that combines sophistication with texture to cast a concentrated beam of light downwards.



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General Features
Brand Foscarini
Colours bianco hoặc giallo sabbia hoặc rosso mattone hoặc grigio cemento hoặc marrone hoặc verde oliva