Wever & Ducré ROOMOR FLOOR 1.3 shade Jet Black + Gold

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Design 3H DRAFT. Free standing luminaire made from aluminiumcable plug with floor switchlamp socket GU10; lamp type PAR16; max. 15W; 100 - 240 V; 30° rotatable and 45° tiltable; degree of protection IP20; PC1; lamp not included;

34.787.500 ₫ 34787500.0 VND 34.787.500 ₫ Bao gồm thuế GTGT

1.265,00 Bao gồm thuế GTGT

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Wever & Ducré

All rounder lighting brand from Belgium. 

Wever & Ducré offers a broad range of architectural lighting choices with the bold use of colours, materials and finishes. It works with different designers to develop wide variety of design lighting.


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Brand Wever & Ducré
Wever & Ducré
W&D Finish Jet Black