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Design Christophe Pillet, 2017 | Wall/ceiling lamp, direct and diffused light. Sand-blasted wired glass diffuser | Without bulb | 2 x max 10W E14 (LED)

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Design Christophe Pillet, 2017

The Berlin Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp has been created by Christophe Pillet for the brand Oluce. Introduced in 2017, Pillet's Berlin lamp won that year's Archiproducts Design Award. Inverting traditional lamp designs to foreground their features in an unusual combination.

Christophe Pillet designed Berlin, an object that calls into question the common understanding of the ceiling light, turning its traditional discreet character upside down to transform it into an elegant and decorative feature.

The style of the Berlin Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp looks back to classic Italian design, with its use of sand-blasted metal to create an aged texture. But the design itself is totally modern. The basic form features a circular aluminium shade, with a central diffuser inside the frame. This diffuser has a distinctive composition using wired glass which adds to the Art Deco feel, while lamp generates a mix of reflected and direct light. The result is a ceiling or wall lamp which will illuminate rooms or supplement main lights beautifully.

The Berlin Wall Lamp/Ceiling Lamp comes in three sizes. Models are available with diameters of 30cm, 40cm, or 50cm, while the height ranges from 10cm to 11cm. All require two bulbs, while the socket types also vary. Bulbs are not supplied with the lamp, but the appropriate bulbs with E14 or E27 sockets can be ordered under accessories. Berlin takes the form of a thick metal ring with a slender profile enclosing a disc of wire mesh glass inside it. The anodized brass finish recalls echoes of Art Deco, given a contemporary update in the shapes, and in the use of LED as the light source. Finally, users should note that the lamp is as versatile as it is attractive, and can be used equally effectively on ceilings or walls.

Technical data

Wall/ceiling lamp giving direct and diffused led light in metal. Sand-blasted wired glass diffuser.


Archiproducts Design Awards – 2017

Additional Information

More detailed and technical information, such as Datasheet, CAD and 3D models at Oluce website here

Thông số kỹ thuật

Colour Anodized brass
Brand Oluce
Material Metal/Sand-blasted Wired Glass