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TamMinh WeverDucre (Belgium) Decorative Lighting Brochure

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3. 2 — 3 Delicious waffles and chocolate prepared with love – that’s what Belgium is famous for, right? Not exactly. For a while now, Belgium has also become known for trendy lights that not only look great, but also have compelling inner values. State-of-the-art LEDs, that feel equally at home in a cosy attic apartment or in the hippest club in the city. Because they save space, preserve resources and offer a greater quality of life. And that is exactly what we at Wever & Ducré want. Where do we get our inspiration? From people like you, who share our passion for beautiful things and who pay as much attention to great design as to high-quality products. Sounds good? Then keep reading. The newest highlights are waiting for you. FRESH From Belgium with love.

6. 8 — 9 BISHOP CEILING SUSPENDED Why does this room look so cosy? Well, first of all because of the fireplace. But our hanging luminaire BISHOP is adding to the feel as well – with its simple concrete look and carbon filament lamp that creates a soft candle light effect. This is the new romance.

27. WEVERDUCRE.COM W739-00-000

12. 20 — 21 VENN WALL SURFACE With VENN, the designers Serge & Robert Cornelissen are taking the BEBOW collection to a whole new level. Or in other words: Three in one equals more – and as much as you want. VENN represents design, that not only catches people’s attention, but is also functional. Multifunctional. It provides either indirect lighting or direct and indirect lighting in one. The most intriguing thing about VENN - it‘s a shapeshifter: Several luminaires can be combined with one another. Placed next to each other or overlapping, mounted on the wall or ceiling, or in a suspended arrangement – how you aligne them and how many you combine is entirely up to you. VENNtastic, right? The geometry of light.

10. 16 — 17 That’s why Anastasia Su and Martin Lesjak are completely focused on “transferring the creative energy of a brand to the product itself ”. An approach that is reflected in the ROCK collection, exclusively developed by the Austrian designer team for Wever & Ducré. Made from natural stone veneer with varying degrees of transparency, every luminaire is completely unique. A material perfectly fitting in with their philosophy, by the way. In their design studio which was founded in 2013, they work with structures and surfaces that are decidedly distinctive and full of character. ANASTASIA SU & MARTIN LESJAK, 13&9 DESIGN “ We want to strengthen the connection between product and user.” DESIGNERS ROCK COLLECTION FLOOR SURFACE | CEILING SUSPENDED | TABLE

7. 10 — 11 WIRO DIAMOND WIRO INDUSTRY WIRO GLOBE WIRO WIRO BERND STEINHUBER “ Design is good if it brings something new and timeless to the world.” DESIGNER And with WIRO, Bernd Steinhuber has accomplished exactly that. What inspires the Austrian designer the most? Plainly said: Everything. Therefore, his little sketchbook is his constant companion. “Ideas are fl eeting,” he says, “and they don’t stick to offi ce hours.” That’s an attitude we truly admire. After all, the most beautiful things are often found when you are not looking for them. So keep your eyes open ...

13. 22 — 23 VENN WALL SURFACE VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/venn

17. 30 — 31 This classic luminaire designed by Jules Wabbes from Belgium in the 1960s is as modern as ever. Available in matted silver and gold, this picture- perfect fi xture exudes timeless glamour while illuminating your interior in a subtle and pleasant manner. A real gem. VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/jjw J.J.W. CEILING SUSPENDED

9. 14 — 15 SOLID CEILING SURFACE You don‘t always have to make a big entrance to stand out - sometimes understatement is all the statement you need. Small recessed luminaires or surface mounted lights shining from the ceiling in gold, silver, copper or white help you to highlight the beauty of simplicity. Our favourite: The versatile SOLID. VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/solid The beauty of simplicity.

5. 6 — 7 FROM CLASSIC TO TRENDY THE ALLROUNDERS When you ask an interior designer about his favourite accessory, the answer will surely be: “Lights. Simply because they give the room its atmosphere.” And not only with their different lighting types. Modern LEDs are great when it comes to setting a subtle mood light, but can also be multifunctional work light and decorative it-piece at the same time. What’s great about it: Wever & Ducré luminaires are available in so many different sizes, styles and colours and it’s so easy to achieve different interior looks. The industrial style inspired by old factories is all the rage right now – and WIRO will give your loft a hip, modern vibe. The 60s inspired interior design trend is best accentuated with design classics from the J.J.W. collection. Wanna know what else is trending right now? Keep on reading. “ A luminaire is always a bit of a statement.” WEVER & DUCRÉ WIRO DIAMOND CEILING SUSPENDED

15. 26 — 27 “With this project, we have definitely reinvented ourselves,” says Pavel Yanev. He is referring to a residential project in Sofia, that inspired him and his team to put their primary focus on light. “We wanted every room to have its very own identity and therefore paid very close attention to its effect on people.” In this context, it was very important to the architect for the lighting of the house to adapt to the people living in it. Not only in its functionality, but also in terms of design. “I think that light somehow reflects one’s personality. Some are very clear and direct, others are more reserved,” he explains, “and that’s what you should always consider as an architect.” An approach Yanev has perfectly incorporated into this simplistic and modern project. PAVEL YANEV THE MOODSETTER PAVEL YANEV “ Material and light give a room its personality.” ARCHITECT

23. 42 — 43 TAPE FLOOR SURFACE VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/tape Extremely thin, extremely bright – that is TAPE. Thanks to its state-of-the-art LED technology, embedded in a futuristic housing, the light source is almost invisible, whereas the lighting eff ect is enormous. The dimmable luminaire is available in white or dark grey and comes in various heights and as a wall version. Your new companion.

24. 44 — 45 For ages, shade lamps have been bringing a sense of cosiness into our homes. So why not bring their magic out to the garden as well? With JELI, we have reinterpreted this timeless piece of design history in the form of a chic outdoor luminaire that works just as well in the yard as it does with highlighting the façade. We say: Vintage at its best. Let’s go out. 44 — 45 JELI FLOOR SURFACE VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/jeli

8. 12 — 13 WIRO CEILING SUSPENDED ALL EYES ON ME Space for highlights. WIRO is the perfect light to make a statement. With its unique design, it is more of a sculpture than a luminaire and easily becomes the center of attention in a room. Its perfect counterpart: Our subtle spotlight series COCOZ. COCOZ SQUARE CEILING RECESSED VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/wiro

19. 34 — 35 HARALD WEBER & HANNES SCHIENEGGER ARCHITECTS “ Light is a harmonious combining element – indoors and outdoors.” SPADO ARCHITECTS AFTER DARK Artificial light is just as important as natural light for Sebastian Horvath of the team at spado architects. For them, light is always the first thing to consider when starting a project: “During the design phase, it’s all about natural light. However, artificial light is also an essential element when it comes to creating and connecting different zones”, explains Horvath. In this project, the team used many different light sources that are switch- and adjustable in the living spaces. For the outdoor area, they chose subtle LED luminaires that not only accentuate the house itself, but also highlight elements such as prominent trees and sculptures in the garden. “This way, the interior and exterior are connected in an excitingly new way,” says Horvath, who was the project manager responsible. And spado architects have proven again that they stay true to their style – as can be seen in this modern residential project.

21. 38 — 39 DIMITRIS KOUVALIS “ Indirect light creates atmosphere.” LIGHTING DESIGNER HALO ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING THE INDIRECT WAY “Connecting an existing building with new architectural elements is always a very exciting task,” says Dimitris Kouvalis of HALO Architectural Lighting. His passion for challenging and exciting projects is also the reason why he kept his cool when asked to install a new pool in the garden of a greek residential building – just on the basis of a sketch. “That was a challenge for sure. So in the planning phase, I focused on the existing shapes and structures, but also on the ideas of the client, of course.” The result of Kouvalis’ work: A subtle connection between the old and the new, enhanced only by indirect lighting. “It’s just the best way to create a certain vibe and atmosphere. That’s why I consider indirect lighting as a vital part of exterior design.”

25. 46 — 47 L E T U S L I G H T U P Y O U R S C R E E N L E T U S L I G U R S C R E E N For all those who want to breathe a little more life into their home or feel like something is just missing when they look up to their ceiling: It’s time for you to browse through our collection at weverducre.com/inspiration, where you’ll be sure to fi nd your personal highlight for both indoors and outdoors. O N E M O R E B E A U T I F U L T H A N T H E O T H E R LEARN MORE ABOUT LIGHT weverducre.com/inspiration I n s p i r a t i o n

16. 28 — 29 BOX CEILING SURFACE LUNA SQUARE CEILING RECESSED A lot of wood and straight lines: Meet the signature project of Bulgarian architect Pavel Yanev. To underline simple aesthetic of the object itself, he relied on a mix of functional and decorative lighting. Can you spot our LUNA SQUARE ceiling spot and the surface mounted BOX? MODERN THINKING Design meets simplicity. VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/box

22. 40 — 41 MAP FLOOR RECESSED Why does MAP feel so comfortable around the pool? Because Wever & Ducré outdoor luminaires with an IP of 67 will stay sealed, even when facing ponds or dust. Plus: They also look pretty cool, as Dimitris Kouvalis put it, and have nice shapes to show off. WELCOME TO THE POOLSIDE Swimming permitted. VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/map

11. 18 — 19 VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/rock What makes ROCK so special? Well, its light cast in stone, a unique decorative element and statement piece at the same time. Plus: It comes in various modular sizes and proportions, providing countless possibilities to design and use it. The most extraordinary feature of this luminaire is its shade, consisting of ultra thin veneer layers made of natural shale, available in three diff erent colours. Sticks and stones may be known to break bones, but in this case they merge into unique masterpieces that rock any interior. Outstanding. What makes ROCK so special? Well, its light cast in stone, a unique decorative element and statement piece at the same time. Plus: It comes in various modular sizes and Outstanding. ROCK COLLECTION FLOOR SURFACE | CEILING SUSPENDED | TABLE

14. 24 — 25 As if from Fortuna‘s horn of plenty, plenty of golden light pours from SHIEK, our award-winning design star. The combination of the minimalistic funnel shape, the shade‘s golden inner surface and ambient dim modules create a gentle mood light with an adjustable colour temperature ranging from 1800 K to 2850 K. Sounds good? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that SHIEK is also available in other colours, both on the inside (gold, copper and white) and on the outside (copper, white and black), giving you the opportunity to create exactly the eff ect you want to achieve with this elegant piece. Fortuna sends her regards. VIEW FULL COLLECTION HERE weverducre.com/shiek Fortuna sends her regards. Fortuna sends her regards. SHIEK CEILING SUSPENDED

20. 36 — 37 MAP ASYM FLOOR RECESSED | TUBE CARRÉ WALL SURFACE | BOX CEILING SURFACE Hideaway: Low-key LED luminaires look best when placed a little out of sight. TUBE CARRÉ and MAP ASYM enhance the exterior area of this house, designed by spado architects. The perfect way to accentuate the minimalistic architecture. SMALL HIGHLIGHTS, BIG EFFECT Shine bright like a star. MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT weverducre.com/en/star-of-the-evening

26. 48 — 49 HEAD OFFICE WEVER & DUCRÉ BVBA Spinnerijstraat 99/03 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium Phone +32 51 622 650 Fax +32 51 622 695 office@weverducre.com weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ SCHWEIZ GMBH Unterlachenstrasse 19 6005 Luzern Switzerland Phone +41 44 245 84 84 Fax +41 44 245.80.99 office.ch@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ INC. 133 West 19th Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10011 United States of America Phone +1 212 343 8100 office.us@weverducre.com weverducre.us WEVER & DUCRÉ OFFICE ITALY Via Giannino Ancillotto, 15 30027 San Doná di Piave, Venezia Italy Phone +39 340 8364421 office.it@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ AUSTRIA showroom.at@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ IBERIA info.es@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ NETHERLANDS info.nl@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ POLAND info.pl@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ RUSSIA info.ru@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ UK info.uk@weverducre.com REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES SHOWROOMS WEVER & DUCRÉ DEUTSCHLAND GMBH Schanzenstraße 36, Geb. 234B 51063 Cologne Germany Phone +49 221 13 06 496 0 Fax +49 221 13 06 496 9 office.de@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ ASIA PACIFIC LTD. RM. 1413, Block A, Sea View Estate 2 Watson Road North Point Hong Kong Phone +852 2110 6924 Fax +852 3106 4096 office.hk@weverducre.com office.cn@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ SHOWROOM FRANCE 10, rue Pecquay 75004 Paris France Phone +33 140299882 office.fr@weverducre.com WEVER & DUCRÉ AB Hårdvallsgatan 18 115 46 Stockholm Sweden Phone +46 70 844 84 84 office.se@weverducre.com HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME CONTACT The details provided in this catalogue were correct at the time of publication. They do not constitute any kind of obligation on our part and are for information only. We shall not be held liable for any discrepancies between the illustrations or descriptions given and the actual product. We reserve the right to make alterations to our products at any time. The general terms and conditions of Wever & Ducré bvba shall apply to all purchases and orders. The relevant version of the general terms and conditions can be viewed at www.weverducre.com. Graphic Design | Print Production: Carina Erlach, Text: Tanja Petschnig, Esther Böhmer, Lithography: Volker Waldhauser, Project Management: Helena Bäuchler, Carina Erlach, Printing: Platinium fine art print GmbH Photography: LUPI SPUMA Fine Photography (p. 2-5), Libell Foto (p. 9), Kris Dekeijser (p. 10-11 | 14-15 | 22 | 33), MINKO MINEV (p. 29), Nikki Candelero (p. 30-31), Kurt Kuball (p. 16-17 | 38-39), Markus Mansi (p. 18), paul ott photographiert (p. 19 | 21), Marco Richter Photography (p. 24-25), Mark Hadden Photography (p. 27), Elisabeth Morakis (p. 40), Voumvakis Panagiotis (p. 42-43), Christoph Steinbauer (p. 44 | 47) 1 st edition, November 2017, Wever & Ducré bvba.


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