S+B UK Science Furniture - Service Tower

The Service Tower - A robust environment for integrated and single sciences that can be re-configured to suit different teacher preferences and working styles.

Contemporary Appeal 

Most contemporary views of science pedagogy is supported by a flexible learning environment. The beauty with the S+B Tower and Table system is that the classroom layout can be quickly re-configured to suit different teacher preferences and working style. 

The teacher can also re-configure the furniture to help adapt the school laboratory in response to different student needs and curriculum requirements. This unique range of Towers and Tables is a departure from the old wooden workshop style school lab as it combines the best of the traditional lab layout with smart, modern, application suited materials & designs. 

A range of colours, widths, heights, water, gas and electrical service configurations are available as standard or to customer specific requirements. 

Work Surface Materials 

A range of worktops are available including hardwood for those who would still prefer to use organic materials. More usually we will supply Corian or Trespa which are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Corian is a homogenous solid work surface material with good chemical resistance.


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