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S+B UK Pedestal System

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1. laboratory engineering Laboratory Furniture & Fume Cupboards Pedestal System

4. Designed to meet the toughest demands required by scientific research, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories. S + B is one of the very few Laboratory Furniture Specialists who manufacture Fume Cupboards as well as benching and workstation systems. This means we can provide our clients with a fully integrated design as well as the associated economies of scale. For more information on our unique Ecoline Bench Top Fume Cupboards, Ecoline 2 Walk In/Step In Fume Cupboards and our Mobiline re-circulatory Fume Cupboards, visit our web site or request a brochure. Worktops are wide ranging and can be provided with different characteristics to satisfy differing applications. Whether your requirement is for chemical, impact, heat resistance, easy to clean, seamless jointing, repairability or combinations of each, S + B can supply. Examples are Solid Grade Laminate, Corian, Staron, Polylab, Cast Epoxy Resin, Hardwood, WBP Ply, Ceramic, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel and Toughened glass. S + B will consider your applications and will advise the most suitable choice with best life cycle value. Other standard benching designs featuring leg frame supports include the S + B Column, C Frame, H Frame and Part Systems. Please visit our web site for specification details and request a full set of product brochures. Creating a better working environment

5. The S + B standard storage unit includes a unique full width aluminium bracing rail to every door and drawer with integral contents label holder for added stability and to negate problematic retro fit label holders and or stickers, and thus contributes to a clean tidy appearance at all times. The aluminium bracing rail facilitates an ergonomic, maintenance free concealed finger pull for a smart modern appearance. Optional handles are also available. The drawer box is a Meta Box type, with chemically resistant, easy glide sides. The non friction nylon roller carriage includes a safety stop to prevent accidental removal of the drawer box, thus reducing risk of injury to operatives and damage to contents. The standard drawer box base and rear panel is 18mm thick chemically resistant faced for additional load bearing capability and functional life expectancy. Standard hinges are self closing negating the use of problematic magnetic or mechanical type hinges and include a full realignment capability to keep the assembly neat and tidy at all times. Optional concealed 170 degrees or 270 degrees opening are available. Efficient and durable workspace solutions Our design engineers understand the demands and requirements of a modern laboratory facility

3. A comprehensive standard modular range of under bench cupboards, drawer packs, sink units, tray units, specialist acid/solvent/poisons storage units is available and we are always happy to facilitate any client specific bespoke requirements. Storage units can be supplied in a variety of chemically resistant and durable construction materials including Laminate and or Melamine faced High Density Particle Board, Medium Density Fibre Board, Moisture Resistant MDF, Weather and Boil Proof Ply and Solid Grade Laminate to suit differing applications. All door and drawer fronts including carcass and panelling edges are finished in a heat sealed edge banding (as distinct from laminate tape lipping) to give added protection against chipping of edges, delamination, ingress of moisture and swelling. All storage units are provided with an easy to remove and refit rear panel for ease of access for second fix and maintenance of mechanical and electrical services. Combining functionality, ergonomics and superior build quality * The continuous plinth line depicted is an optional extra which should be specified if required. The more widely used standard includes for single colour end, side, corner and knee space panelling to the floor. Please check the quotation detail.

2. We design and build technical furniture systems for R&D, Healthcare, Utilities, Food and Beverage, Industry, Universities and Higher Education. Introducing styling & durability to laboratory furniture. The Pedestal System is a robust fixed storage cabinetry range which provides the support structure for worktops and sinks. The system includes integrated service routings for safe delivery of gases, compressed air, vacuum, water, power and IT. The System forms part of our full Laboratory Furniture range and is widely used in research, education, QA and in many other workshop applications. The S + B Pedestal System

6. Designed and Manufactured at our factory in Manchester. British made Fume Cupboards & Lab Furniture S+B have over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of high specification modular and bespoke fume cupboards and lab furniture for Pharmaceutical R&D, Healthcare, Higher Education, Food & Beverages, Utilities and industry. Furniture For Learning S+B also specialises in design led development, manufacture and installation of schools furniture systems for Science, Design, Control, Food and Information Technology as well as cross curricula general classroom furniture. Contact us for a no obligation/no cost initial design and costing consultancy. Spacesaver Working Wall To compliment the Pedestal System, we can provide matching wall cupboards and free standing tall storage cabinetry from our Spacesaver Working Wall range. Labtec Street, Swinton Manchester M27 8SE t: +44 (0)161 793 9333 f: +44 (0)161 728 9149 e: sales@splusb.co.uk www.splusb.co.uk laboratory engineering Follow us on twitter: @ SBUKLTD


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