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Elkay WSP35000 for Home

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1. LK4409BFPUR 35,000-gallon Bacteria Water Filtration System WSP35000 A Great Water Filter Against Bacteria At Home This water filtration system reduces aerobic mesophilic bacterial organisms and coliform bacteria, chlorine and odors for healthy and great tasting water.

2. F-4887- ie Latam Office Costumer Service: 01800 73 78 455 latam@elkay.com | www.latam.elkay.com A GREAT WATER FILTER AGAINST BACTERIA AT HOME This water filtration system offers carbon block and filter membrane technology for an ultrafiltration process that reduces particles and microorganisms of up to .2 microns by mechanical means. It also effectively reduces odor, taste and chlorine. Its quick-change technology allows for easy filter replacement, and prevents its external components from being exposed to contamination through contact. WSP35000 MODEL CAPACITY DIMENSIONS WSP35000 35,000 gallons (132,000 L) 14.75 in x 3.10 in x 3.10 in (37.46 cm x 7.87 cm x 7.87 cm) (98498C) This system is ideal for residential use. For best results, in the installation use the Glass Filler Kit. Visit latam.elkay.com Replacements PP= WSP35000SR CB= WSP35000R


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