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f-4766 Elkay Outdoor Tubular Wall-mount Models Sellsheet

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1. Easy Install, Easy Replacement. Outdoor Tubular Wall-mount Models With industry-leading construction, Elkay ® tubular wall-mount fountains and bottle filling stations are ideal for public spaces with high-traffic areas such as schools, parks and commercial buildings. Ou td oo r Dr in ki ng Solu ti on s

2. | 2222 Camden Ct., Oak Brook, IL 60523 ©2018 Elkay Manufacturing Company F-4766 Visit elkay.com/outdoor. Blue Yellow Orange Red Beige White Gray Black Brown Terracotta Evergreen Purple ATTRACTIVE. TOUGH. EASY TO MAINTAIN. Single-line installation makes these units a great choice when upgrading or replacing older fountains. One waste line means these units are simple to maintain. Offset design allows multiple users to drink or fill water bottles at the same time. Durable Type 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance against the elements. Quick fill rate of 1.0 GPM makes filling up on the go a breeze. Industry-leading five-year product warranty. 12 Stunning Colors F-4766


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