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Elkay Residential Water Purification Solutions Catalog Intl-4724

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1. Residential Filtration Solutions

2. innovating drinking water solutions





14. The intelligent water quality indicator shows total dissolved solids (TDS) and monitors the water quality status at all times. A simple visual indicator shows remaining filter life. Users are also notified to flush the filter if the machine has not been used for a long period of time. Standby energy-saving mode extends the operating life of the battery. With the patented quick snap design, users can replace the filter cartridge without shutting off the water supply. In case of emergencies, the patented ASO module guarantees the machine can provide slow flowing pure water, even when the power is off.


22. NOTES:

23. INTL-4724 (04/17) Corporate Headquarters 2222 Camden Court Oak Brook, Illinois 60523, USA International Customer Care +1 630-575-4755 intlcare@elkay.com elkay.com/international

8. EFP01-G-A Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Backwash Knob (L) 140* (W) 95* (H) 318 * Recommended use with the Central Water Filtration System (EFC1150D-A and EFC1150D-B) and Central Water Softener (ESR3100D-A).

10. EFC1150D-A EFC1150D-B Plug Type A G * Recommended use with the Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter (EFP01-G-A) and Central Water Softener (ESR3100D-A).

17. This advanced 3-Stage Water Filtration System provides your family with clean, safe, great tasting water. Our advanced technology Ultra Filtration Membrane removes many of the same impurities as an RO system with the exception of dissolved inorganic solids (ie - salts such as potassium and sodium) and VOCs - making it ideal for areas with low TDS water. Also, this system does not require a separate storage tank or electricity to operate.


21. FS33-A (L) 283* (W) 142* (H) 83 * Recommended use with the undermount Point-of-Entry filtration systems (EFU23-A, EFR2075D-A and EFR2075D-B)

19. EFU23-A Undermount Ultra Filtration System * Recommended use with the Stainless Steel Dispensing Faucet (FS33-A).

9. ·Automatically flushes, cleans and drains its internal filter ·The media tank features a safe and healthy food-grade liner. ·With a bypass valve, users can conveniently switch between filtered water and tap water. ·Unlike some other systems, it won’t reduce water pressure to your shower and major appliances.

5. The vacuum seal prevents the filter from any secondary contamination during transportation and storage. Vacuum Sealed Filter Cartridge Tank Connection

12. ESR3100D-A Multi-Language Selection Mode features five language options including English, Spanish, French and Turkish. Compact in size, easy to install and maintain. Maintains settings and time in the event of power loss Plug Type A (L) 312* (W) 480* (H) 591 * Recommended use with the Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter (EFP01-G-A) and Central Water Filtration System (EFC1150D-A).

16. Economical RO System Slim design with water storage tank. The capacity of 284 L/Day can easily satisfy daily water consumption. EFR2075D-A * P roduced according to NSF standard. Pressure: 0.1-0.35MPa = 1-3.5bar Temp: 5 -38 CF: Acticarbon & PP Fiber & PP Membrance(composite) - 6 months RO: RO membrance - 24 months CB: Compressed carbon block - 12 months EFR2075D-A EFR2075D-B A G * Recommended use with the Stainless Steel Dispensing Faucet (FS33-A)

4. The Undermount Filter Systems are installed under the kitchen sink, which provide customers with clean, filtered water, right from the tap. These undermount water filter solutions improve the quality of drinking water by removing contaminates such as bacteria, lead, arsenic, colors and odors. · Point of Entry : A. Pre-Filtration Sediment Filter B. Central Water FIltration System · Hard Water Solution: C. Central Water Softener · Kitchen : D. Undermount RO Water System E. Undermount UF Water System


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