How to get the best performance from fume cupboards

Fume Cupboards from S+B UK for lab engineering applications
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How to get the best performance from fume cupboards
Taylor Nguyen
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Ecoline fume cupboards offer a number of features to deliver the best performance for lab engineering applications, where factors like operator safety and energy efficiency are among the primary considerations. 

The ergonomic design of Ecoline fume cupboards makes them safe and easy to operate, but does not compromise on the overall efficiency of the unit. 

Independent testing shows excellent containment of fumes at 0.3 m/sec, and Containment Factor calculations confirm the best possible operational efficiency, saving as much as 40% on energy consumption compared with the industry standard.

How to improve fume cupboard energy savings 

There are a number of ways to increase the already impressive Ecoline fume cupboard energy savings: 

Lower the sash height 

The standard 500mm operational sash height can be lowered to 400mm to achieve direct energy savings of 20%. 

Close the bypass slot 

The Ecoline Bypass fume cupboard has an upper bypass slot to reduce excessive face velocities when the sash is partly open. When connected to a VAV system, the Non Bypass version should be used. 

Integral lighting 

The integrated LED lighting offers over 500 lux directly over the work area, for the most energy efficient illumination of the fume cupboard contents. 

BREEAM compliant fume cupboards 

Independent standards like BREEAM set out design specifications and criteria for best practice in areas including the energy efficiency of laboratory equipment. 

Ecoline fume cupboards are BREEAM compliant with Assessment Criteria 2 and 3 as described in ENE 07 Energy Efficient Laboratory Systems, as well as Assessment Criteria 17 and 18 in HEA 02 Indoor Air Quality. 

This ensures that installing Ecoline fume cupboards supports your overall energy efficiency ambitions, not only in general terms but under specific testing criteria like BREEAM and its equivalent industry standards. 

Energy savings on bespoke fume cupboards 

S+B supply tried and tested, pre-engineered standard models of Ecoline fume cupboards which should cater for around 90% of lab engineering applications. 

However, if you need something very specific, we are able to develop bespoke fume cupboards based on your precise requirements. 

In these circumstances, depending on what you need, we can ensure your bespoke Ecoline fume cupboards maintain the highest possible energy efficiency once installed and in regular use. 

Installation and design support 

Ecoline fume cupboards are designed to function as an item of laboratory furniture, and as part of your overall lab interior design scheme; however, this is not at the expense of energy efficiency or operator comfort and safety. 

S+B’s engineers have worked across a wide range of laboratory designs and installations, including pharmaceuticals R&D, food research, healthcare and hospitals, and universities. 

We can collaborate with your own project team to ensure optimal conditions on factors like air handling, cross-drafts and ensuring operational procedures are followed correctly. 

By doing this, we can also help you to make sure test conditions can be accurately replicated, either within your own laboratory or when compared with the same experiments conducted elsewhere. 

To find out more about any of the above, or to ask us about Ecoline fume cupboards for lab engineering applications, you can find all of our details on our Contact page.

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